1. Safety
  2. I'm from here and I dont like sharing...
  3. Anticipation
  4. reflection
  5. An ethical question...
  6. I Yam What I Yam
  7. "Fame" Without Fortune
  8. Yet another ethical question...
  9. pay me up front damn it????
  10. Agent ethics
  11. agent contract
  12. fair cuts $
  13. Encouraging personal style
  14. crane crashes into pitch
  15. BAD way to get money!
  16. Sharing a stage with acts who run long
  17. The South American busker problem
  18. Face-fist contact
  19. Crazy ass theme park
  20. Accidental Injuries in a Show
  21. Article Ottawa Citizen - "Buskers Ungrateful"
  22. Your Pitch
  23. complicity
  24. when in rome do as the romans do
  25. hiring help
  26. What to do?
  27. My prayers are with you Mike (Michael Patrick)
  28. Pilfering Producers
  29. Is it ethical or even just polite
  30. Hat Line lie.
  31. How much of an asshole should I be?
  32. Is this my line?
  33. Art
  34. appropriate material?
  35. Pitch Death
  36. Pitch Politics. Out with the old in with the new.
  37. Morals, Ethics, etc...
  38. Why DO events hire strolling entertainers?
  39. Festival etics, 15% of your hat or we report you to the IRS
  40. Working a festival with bad blood - your thoughts?
  41. Busking Permit fees at Festivals
  42. Street Performer Battle. Very Rude!!