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12-03-08, 11:12 PM
Hi Everyone!

does anyone know of any workshops or classes near michigan for making Balloon animals? I want to expand my performance artist skills.
Also can anyone recommend any schools for magic classes or sideshow.

Thank you

jeep caillouet
12-03-08, 11:20 PM
There's one near you. I think it's Madison, Wis. It's a clown collage.

12-04-08, 12:04 AM
do they have a website?

jeep caillouet
12-04-08, 12:12 AM
Google clown school.com

12-04-08, 12:26 AM
think I found it, they have a camp in june 2009. mostly clown classes but that may not be a bad thing. Price seems reasonable too.

jeep caillouet
12-04-08, 12:30 AM
That's the one.Damn what'cha doing up so late?

jeep caillouet
12-04-08, 12:36 AM
You do yhat wing dancing stuff too?

12-04-08, 12:38 AM
I am always up late LOL, my bedtime is normally 3-4am depending on when I get home from performing shows. Now I am just doing research online.

12-04-08, 12:50 AM
nope this is my youtube video


jeep caillouet
12-04-08, 01:25 AM
I seen a lot of @#$%^&*() ,but ain't seen @#$$%%^^&&**(()) like that before !!!!!!!!!!! yehaaaaaaaaaa. and I've actually shown people how to do that, or some what similar! Damn I love you.

Kenny Ahern
12-04-08, 03:31 AM
www.clowncamp.org in La Crosse, WI

12-04-08, 10:17 PM
I belly dance on broken glass all the time.
It's one of my best acts.

jeep caillouet
12-05-08, 09:30 AM
Up on 8 mile about 3 in the morning there's plenty of broken glass! And I've seem people doing a jig on it.

12-06-08, 01:15 AM
yes, but I like cobalt blue broken glass. I keep mine clean and sterile.

Mr.Taxi Trix
12-06-08, 07:49 AM

Daniel Mooncalf
01-19-09, 09:37 AM

and I should mention...


Before I found out that my skin seems to rot after a few hours of baloon handling; I went here for everything... because it has everything.

01-21-09, 12:56 PM
this is all you need in order to make balloon animals.


i know that this belongs in post links here, but it is also relevent and funny to post here.