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Rex Boyd
01-07-01, 05:15 PM
I wanted to add to the books discussion but it was closed before I got there. So I'll start this new one.

I highly recommend both books by THE improv guru Keith Johnstone for any type of performer. The first is called Impro and is very philosophical about what makes things funny or entertaining. He mentions lots of things that you fellow performers will read and say to yourself "Oh that's what I've been doing all this time. ( or should have been doing)

His other book Impro for Storytellers has much more practical lists of games to play in TheatreSports. It even has a few mentions about the Three Canadians and versions of games they invented.

PS- I have not written a book. What you've read in the performers.net "library" is the extent of my street writings. I'd love to contribute to this group thing if I can though.


01-07-01, 09:34 PM
Impro all the way.
I totally agree. It has to be the best piece of work on the process of improv.
I've been teaching for the last 6months at Western Michigan U
(Been teaching mask/movement workshops the past 3 years here when a teacher went on sabbatical they offered me his job for the year. What suckers!)
Taught 3 freshmen improv classes and really wanted to use this book. I've seen his approach to "the work" open up really green performers to their hidden potential. We really wanted to get the instincts of street performers into the heads of traditionally trained actors.