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Prof Willie B
02-02-01, 03:09 AM
I've decided to take a leaf from the Butterfly Man and also write a book. Rather than try the all encompassing tome that tries to tell all our stories, I have decided to concentrate the story of one performer as seen throught the eyes of the rest of the performing community.
So, I'm calling for your stories about "Chance".
Please do not put them here on p.net as I wish to maintain a certain dramatic element to my work (send them to me direct). AJ has already sent me a beauty and I have two of my own. Send all stories to my private email address and I will publish them. In fact I am thinking of setting up a whole website purely for the purpose.
I'm looking forward to hearing your stories but do not send me stuff you are not prepared to sign (remember the cookie, Chance.) or have made public.
This will be a lot of fun.
Willie. B. Schafftd. (Sure will!)

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02-02-01, 06:23 AM
yawn... did you say something, oh Inflammable One, or did I mistake your voice for a dog barking next door? Wake me up when your 'book' (my book?) is finally published -- my pet raccoon can always use something nice to shit on.

Prof Willie B
02-02-01, 06:50 AM
Gee, you bite fast chance, if only fishing was this easy.