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03-27-01, 05:21 PM
In case you were not aware of the Resource site http://www.magiccoach.com
I think you will find it is well worth checking out.

MagicCoach is a free weekly ezine.
56 issues have already been posted
and it is read by nearly 1300 subscribers
world wide.

The information is aimed at all independent
performers and not just magicians.

The website contains an archive over 35 of the old issues and more will be posted soon.

Archives Resources and Sign Up information
are available at the URL above.

If you feel you would like to contribute a guest article please feel free to contact us.

I will post a fuller background of myself
at a later date, but with 25 years full time performing behind me, in a large assortment of different markets ranging from
street performance in NZ in the mid 70's
3 years busking in Sydney, through cruise ships / comedy circuit, to the corporate arena, I think you will find something to interest you in the ezine.



Timothy Hyde Blue Mountains Australia