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Mark Wessels
05-22-02, 09:47 PM
Ok, ok, so many of us can already juggle three balls. However, I know that I have been asked countless times to teach people and I am not terribly good at it. If others are not too good at teaching or simply don't feel like it I have found the solution. Simply send anyone who wants to learn to juggle the www.thejimshow.com (http://www.thejimshow.com) and have them click on learn to juggle. Our bud Jim shows another face, doumo arigato gozaimasu Jimu Sensei.


05-23-02, 02:23 AM
Wow, you found that pretty quickly. It's only been up a couple days. I'm still working on a few things and I haven't made a formal announcement of the new site, but that page is pretty much complete for what it is... (A fun little experiment with my video camera, Final Cut Pro and Quicktime.)

These are the absolute BASICS of three ball juggling. For someone who has never juggled, the page should work pretty well. For anyone who already knows even the slightest bit about juggling, you're probably beyond these videos. They're meant to be very simple.

Have fun,