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Spinners' Wacky World of Tops
09-21-02, 08:51 AM
need some titles so I can watch the carnival barker in action./W.C. MAYBE? any and all info would be greatly appreciated.

10-03-02, 03:33 PM

The hands down best resource is "Carny" starring Jodie Foster and Gary Busey. It is unique in that they cast genuine carneys in the supporting roles. Exellent examples of the carny in action.

A word to the wise: Someone who is "with it" would never use the word "barker." The correct term is "talker."

Other resources: The discovery channel did a show which had several real talers displaying their trade. I might have a copy lying around that I could get to you.

Also there is an older movie called "carnival" I forget whose in it, but there are some talkers in it.

Nightmare Alley...the best carny movie EVER. Unfortunately, out of print and hard to find. I may be selling my copy soon, let me know if your're interested.

Tommy windsor has a magic act/ monolgue for sale that is based on the carny talker. you can find it on the web, do a search.


Spinners' Wacky World of Tops
10-03-02, 03:50 PM
thanks Zack,Todd said the same thing in a different way/I have no clue where I got that other than when I was 18 trying to sneak into the strip clubs in fresco.there was a guy out front of each club "talkin" you in.