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01-19-04, 06:44 AM
I just finished attending Gery Deer's 2-day beginner's whip class.

Let me just say... wow.

Gery is a great instructor. He's very friendly, patient, and personable. He never talks down to any of his students. I found his positive, encouraging method of teaching very refreshing. The class covers 6 cracks, some basic fundamentals of targeting, and whip maintenance.

I had previously watched Alex Green's video about whip cracking. Not to knock the video, but I personally need someone to tell me what I'm doing wrong as well as to show me what to do right.

Also, as a performer, it was good to get instruction from another performer. He understood a lot of the challenges I face not just with learning to crack the whip, but also with writing material, and dealing with gigs.

If I HAD to say anything negative, the only thing that comes to mind is that the facility could be a little bigger. With 4 people in the class, we had to do the horizontal cracks 2 at a time. But even that is a positive in disguise. People have a tendency to overwork themselves when they are trying to practice a new skill, and sitting out for a few minutes while someone else tries it gives your muscles some much-needed rest.

Gery's lovely wife Layla prepared an awesome lunch for the class both days. I was really pleasantly surprised about that (I was all ready to run to the gas station and get a junk-food lunch).

I'd definitely recommend the class to anyone wanting to learn bullwhip cracking.

Thanks again, Gery.

01-20-04, 02:24 AM
Thanks for telling us about it. Do you have any contact information? You've got my interest.

-Thom Britain

01-20-04, 05:45 AM
My apologies!

Gery can be reached through his website: http://www.gldenterprises.net