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03-22-04, 08:48 PM
If you like to look outside the box for your inspiration, may I suggest the movie "The Triplets
of Belleville". Currently playing at the Landmark Theaters in Denver and small art houses elsewhere.
Well worth the search! search http://www.moviefone.com/ to find it near you.

It is a French animated movie. I learned of it while listening to NPR a few weeks ago.
The music featured on NPR had a 1930s French speak easy flavor to it, and that is what
drew me in.

An absolute delight, you WILL be laughing out loud!

Frog popcicles !!! (I've GOT to tell Karen Bell!)

A four piece band: a bicycle wheel, a vacuum cleaner, an empty refrigerator and a newspaper!

And be sure and watch ALL of the movie credits, otherwise you will miss out !

The movie was preceded by a short that was a equally inspiring: think Salvador Dali and Walt Disney!

And to top it off, as we drove off laughing, we spotted a big pick up truck with a banged up and bandaged Easter Bunny strapped to the grill! Too much! Did the Easter Bunny get run over by Santa's RAMdeer?

Walking tall and stretching imaginations!

Bill "Stretch" Coleman

PS ever wonder if dogs dream in color? For one dog's answer, watch this movie!

03-23-04, 08:56 AM
I'm not sure how "educational" Triplets is, but I'll put in my thumbs-up just for conversation's sake.

The film is actually a Canadian-French-Belgian production, Oscar-nominated for best feature-length animated film and best song (Canadian composer). Beautifully drawn in a Fleischer-meets-Lautrec kinda style.

Both my girls (7 and 11) loved it - t'was great to see them captivated by something outside the Disney/Pixar mold. It led to us looking for other music of the same era and now, joy of joys, to them *asking* to watch Chaplin and Keaton films. I guess they learned something after all.