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10-06-04, 03:23 PM

I'm new here, but I'm curious what people have to say about this school and any other circus schools in north America. I'm very interested in attending this or another school, but I'm not sure what my chances are for getting in? I visited Ecole National de Cirque at its open house, and I thought it was just amazing...but how competitive are the auditions? I know only 25 people usually get in and 150 audition or something...but are all the auditioners really talented, or are a lot of them not so serious? I took gymnastics for almost four years when I was younger, and I'm starting again now, and I've got over a year before I'd be auditioning for the school...I'm seventeen, by the way.

Basically, what I'm asking is, is it a good schoool, are there other schools near here that I should know about, and do I have a chance in hell of getting in?

10-07-04, 10:55 AM
It is a wonderful providing that you can cut the mustard, I live in montreal and my roomates go there.
The audition in 70 percent physical snd the rest iin divided into your act and theater and some dance, basically you have to be in really good shape and have all those physical requirements down before you should audition,
good luck and if you get o montreal for the audition write back well hang out

Steven Ragatz
10-07-04, 02:52 PM
I don't know any specifics about the competition at the circus program in Montreal, but in some respects, don't let it concern you. Remember, you would be going to the school to develop your skills to meet your own potential as a circus artist. If that journey can happen through their program, then fine, but if it doesn't, then there are other paths as well.

Don't be intimidated by the fear of rejection or the threat of competition. FOL - there will always be someone better than you (at some point). You may need to audition, fail, train for a year, then go back to show your improvement. (I don't know this for a fact, but it has often been the case with students at the S.F. circus school.) Success may not come at first try, but with blind determination, eventually you won't fail.

Get used to the idea that you will need to push yourself for its own sake. Kick your arse 'til you you can show your stuff knowing that even if it isn't good enough, it was your best. Be prepared for a immersive approach to your training. Alter your self image. Realize that you are a circus artist, and as such, you will always be "in school" in one way or another.

And as my late partner used to say, "It's a hell-of-a ride!"

Steven Ragatz

10-07-04, 07:05 PM
Thank you! These were very heartening to read; I've been very worried about whether or not I'd be able to make it. But I am very dedicated to performance, to expresison and art, and to pushing my body to its limits, and that's what's important. I'm taking gymnastics right now; the man I talked to at Ecole National de Cirque said that gymnastics was what I should be taking to develop the necessary skills, and I'm also stretching/strength training daily to hopefully get some contorsion skills. So, perhaps I'll see you in Montreal, UCO =)

10-08-04, 10:56 AM
Good Luck little gosling, Are you going to audition: There are a few people here auditioning this year. If you are in town you know what to do.

10-09-04, 03:15 PM
Thank you, I have the feeling I'm going to need all the luck I can get :rolleyes:

I'm not auditioning this year, no; I'm hoping to take gymnastics for another year and then audition next year. I'm in my senior year at high school right now, so I'm gonna take local college courses and work to save money next year, and then hopefully the year after that, be training at circus school. Are you in college, UCO? You said you had roommates going to ENC which would imply that you're not going there?

10-10-04, 09:54 AM
I don't go to college and I don't go to the school. I did the audition four years ago or so and didn,t get accepted. I don't think that place is for me , but people come out amazing and with work.