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This is my Blog of Street Performing, Piano and survival in NYC.
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Street Performing Journal: A Rat of N.I.M.H. ?

Posted 06-24-13 at 08:07 AM by jugglerjosh
Updated 06-24-13 at 10:00 AM by jugglerjosh

Street Performing
True Story
June 20th, 2013

So, I'm back to square one, begging in Central Park. I'm on the street, and a crowd is gathered on the benches on both sides of the path, watching me juggle.

A large rat, with a large tail, comes out of the shrubs behind the benches on the east side. A dozen people or so jump to their feet. They stare at the rat, who is scurrying under a 200 pound blond woman in a white blouse who is sleeping.

Since I don't want the rat to bite the sleeping woman, I shout "Hey! What do YOU want ?!?" loudly to the rat, to wake the lady to it's presence. The rat freezes.

A few seconds pass.

"Water ?!? Fine. Go get some water!" Following this command, the rat crosses the road past gawkers and goes straight to a small pool of water on the west side, next to the lamppost.

Astounded, folk stare and gawk. A family of four all take out their cell phone cameras and film the creature.

Then they turn to me for an interview. "Why do you think he came out?" they ask.

"Probably hungry. They usually don't come out during the day. They are nocturnal, or hide in the bushes until nightfall. Maybe dehydrated."

"Could be he's dying." the father replies as he watches the rat drink at the edge of the pool, steadily as we stand only a couple of feet away.

"Maybe. Actually, there are rat trap poisons in the bushes. Maybe he ate some."

"Could be."

"Well, safe travels." "Bye."
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