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Space Commander's Baltic Fly Over

Posted 07-20-11 at 05:43 AM by space commander

I love performing. I have been doing it for 32 years. I think I will do it until I die or it kills me, whatever comes first. Every time I end up in front of an audience I am filled with a euphoria that I simply cannot contain. Sure, I have my standard routines, but I live for those morsels of improvised authenticity where something unexpected happens that takes the show in a totally different direction.

My most recent trip to Kosovo, Croatia, Slovenia and Poland was an absolute joy. It was like returning to the 80's in the Anglo American empire when street performing was just beginning to enjoy an explosion. The audiences are extremely enthusiastic, many speak english and almost all are ready to jump in and be a part of the show. ANd now that many of their economies are stablizing, the hats can be quite generous depending on where you are.

The hospitality, accomodation, meals, transportation and organisation are all top rate at the organised events and one can sense that there is the highest respect for what street performers can do. There is even a school for street performers in Slovenia! It is very easy to be lulled into the "I think I want to live here" syndrome.

Street performing is a lot like time traveling to me, the further east I go, the more time seems to roll itself back to an era when minds were invigorated and being brave enough to "dare to fail" was considered a great thing.

I hope that I get to go back to these places, I never get to see enough. I know that they are different places outside of the festival vibe, but still, there is a sense of community and enthusiasm I often search for.

For the rest of this summer I will play the streets here in Berlin with the occasional trip outside the city to visit some of my favorite hidden spots.

Life as a street performer is grand! I hope to do it for many more years to come.
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