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Bryant Park Juggling

Posted 03-20-13 at 08:52 AM by jugglerjosh
Updated 06-26-13 at 08:54 PM by jugglerjosh

Dear Fans,

Josh Weiner writing about the Bryant Park juggling scene...

A few weeks ago, a facebook photo showed jugglers in the snow juggling in Bryant Park together. I had just returned from street performing, so I did not hit "like" feature following a day of hecklers as I picked up errant props with cold hands and cracked teeth.

I walked past a circle of jugglers and was invited to join by a grey haired caucasian male. I nodded, and searched for any recognizable faces. Alex is a juggler here in NYC who has been friendly and even introduced me to his first daughter at the NYC club years ago. I said hello and then was introduced to Jordan, another juggler who supported the club. The crowd was pleasant: attractive women in their 20's and 30's and a big box of bird seed filled bean bags in navy blue and red colors.

Alex informed me that old clubs were donated by Ground Zero Survivor Andy and his wife Kathy. (Correction: Jordan Campbell informed me that Bryant Park was funded for most of the props. It was Alex who was given Andy's old clubs).

Jordan informed me that Alex Barron visited and juggled 13. "Wow!" I replied. I also said that Luke Barrage's website was down.

I juggled a six ball right handed half shower for 24 catches. Then seven balls for 44 catches with a clean finish.

After my 7 ball run, many of the women left and about 6 of us remained. I continued juggling Andy's junk clubs, throwing backcrosses and crotch throws with them.

Alex and Jordan stood East & West and juggled 7 club right hand dominant passing patterns. A pretty pattern.

I had a few short successes with 5 club cascades and qualified hands for 6 when it began to rain.

Jordan left with his girlfriend. Alex packed up and shook my hand. A pleasant asian woman announced that she was "going to the library".

It was a good gathering.
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    Update: Week of April 28th, 2013

    I attended three days of the Bryant Park juggling club. I juggled 3-7 Balls, 3-6 Rings, and 3-5 Clubs in the outdoor space. The lunchtime juggling is monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday.

    Greetings to Mrs. Mika Fromm, back from cruise ships off the coast of East Africa.

    Greetings to Gary, a former marine, who I had also not seen in many years.
    Posted 05-05-13 at 08:56 AM by jugglerjosh jugglerjosh is offline
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    Update: May 30th, 2013

    Fleet Week was cancelled. A few soldiers seen walking on Memorial Day.

    I am STILL UNEMPLOYED, and continue to street perform weather permitting in springtime.

    The wind in this park has been difficult for numbers juggling with rings, but the beanbags that the leaders have collected are good. They are "birdseed filled" beanbags that are already used. The soft fabric makes seven balls easier than hybrid balls. Today I did an eight beanbag flash on my second attempt.

    Personal Bests: Bryant Park Club 2013.

    Balls & Beanbags

    5 Silicones and ball balance 30 catches.
    Balls: 7 Balls 42 Catches. (42+ 4 Successes)
    Beanbags: 7 Bryant Park Juggling Club Beanbags,
    70 Catches. {42+,56} {10,2} Successes.
    8 Bryant Park Juggling Club Beanbags,
    8 Catches. (6 Successes)
    6 Rings, 36 Catches with Doubled Rings. (24+ 5 Successes)
    7 Rings, 10 Catches, Airflight Rings.
    8 Rings, 8 Catches, Airflight Rings. (2 Successes)
    Rings and Pole:
    5 Rings and Balance 20 Catches.
    3 Club Joggle: 18 Catches.
    4 Clubs: Triples, 48 Catches. (24+ 5 Successes)
    5 Clubs: Doubles: 35 Catches. (30+ 10 Successes)
    5 Bryant Park Juggling Club Clubs
    5 Club Cascade 60. (30+ 3 Successes)
    5 Club Triples 5 Catches. (3 successes)
    5 Clubs & Balance. 5 Catches. (3 successes)
    6 Clubs: 6 Club Flash, 6 Catches. (4 Successes)
    6 Byrant Park Juggling Club Clubs,
    6 Club Flash. (5 successes)

    Video Evidence soon.
    Posted 05-07-13 at 02:55 PM by jugglerjosh jugglerjosh is offline
    Updated 05-30-13 at 08:17 PM by jugglerjosh

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