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  1. wackychad
    03-30-10 05:53 AM
    Thanks man I really appreciate the message! Glad to hear you like my show! It was a FUN Festival, I had a blast! - it was supposed to be the pogo dudes ( but Fred hurt his face at halifax working with calypso tumblers
  2. kokoP
    09-16-09 12:17 AM
    Hi wackychad, I saw you at the Buskers festival in Cairns.
    I was only a spectator, you were great mate, professional, very skilfull, smooth and free with the crowd patter, which was tough at this first festival.
    I learned allot from your approach and confidence.
    In comparison bike boy was very skillfull, but his patter was off putting and hard to enjoy, not wanting to put anyone down, just stating (for me) your way with the audience and creative dialogue, is first class and well done...... Your a Star in my book.


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