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  1. Kate Awesome
    07-06-11 11:01 AM
    Kate Awesome
    Oh poo. Ya... I was hoping we'd meet up somewhere this summer to do a clean exchange (our postal service has been so wacky--we had a strike and I'm STILL missing some mail) What are you up to this summer? ps. I'm easier to reach via my email: ...I RARELY come on P-net...
  2. martin ewen
    06-16-11 12:11 AM
    martin ewen
    Oh dear, yeah I pulled out a week before, the airfare was the fee and I wasn't up to it.
    Thanks for trying.

    Maybe I should paypal you some postage?

  3. Kate Awesome
    06-10-11 05:13 PM
    Kate Awesome
    Hey you! I saw in the program that you were doing Dundas this year and brought your pants... but you weren't there! a pity! Are you in Canada at all this summer?? I still have 'em and wanna get them to you. I haven't forgotten you. xo

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