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  1. martin ewen
    02-26-10 02:20 AM
    martin ewen
    so anyway, if it's so easy I'll post the backdrops on my site abd you;ll take thm and fold them into the navcose I wnt to produce and then send that code back to me and i'll set it up and add to each template safe in the knowlege my vehicle is concrete.

    I talked to shelley today, I'm happy to give you a reference, shelley on a good year employs you to do two feests fter her main one nd three after. she name the biggist tour, edmonton/dundas/ waterloo/ and a few others after me, the 'lurk' tour...
    canada is good money and fun times, you'd do well to aim there.
    I'm happy to give you a recomendation anyway but if its so easy. code it for me, the six page bollocks essentually the same as this
    and we'll be each over it in three days.

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