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Canada - June 23, 2015

National non-profit organization seeking two different performers - ideally a caricaturist and a "double-Dutch skipping" act (however other ideas are welcome!), for our opening ceremony of our annual conference.

Roughly 250 - 300 attendees will be participating in a open format, "busker style" event of mingling with food and drink. Performers will have a set space for their act and will be among up to 10 other "events" happening around the event area.

Location: Toronto, Ontario (closest major intersection is Steels Ave. & Hwy 404)
Event Time: 7 - 10pm (estimated, concrete times will be finalized shortly)
Date: Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Please contact and provide:

Your act with general description
Video/images/reviews of act
Cost per hour
References (can be shared after the fact)
Contact information

Thank you!
Malcolm McAuley

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