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dantheman 09-13-01 06:23 AM

rola rola
i am looking to buy about 5 or six rola rola cylinders??? any help appreciated


Stretch 09-13-01 04:35 PM

I always thought they just used a section of plastic sewer pipe. Check the plumbing supply section of your phone book.

But what do I know? I'm just a clown.

Bill "Stretch" Coleman


<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Originally posted by dantheman:
i am looking to buy about 5 or six rola rola cylinders??? any help appreciated


jonnyflash 09-14-01 04:41 PM

I heard a rumour that some people are so
heinous to nick lengths of PVC Pipe from
unwitting construction sites.Is'nt that terrible?

Todd 09-24-01 06:43 AM

I do one of two things to get my rolla bolla cylinders

1) go to a construction site where they are laying 6 to 8 inch round pipe and ask them for any cast-off pieces about 12 to 15 inches long. Usually construction workers are pretty cool if you just tell them what you need it for, and tey usually have a few pieces that are going to be trashed. I've even done some of my show for them (tricks only) just so they can see why I'm asking them for what is basicly garbage.

2) Or you can sneak on the site at night and just take them. This works best on sites where they are putting up houses.

The roller I use the most, I've had for almost ten years. I took it off a construction site from behind my folks house.

Jim 09-24-01 10:03 AM

Or here's another technique...

Open a phone book and find a "Pipe Supply" company, drive over and buy a 12 inch piece of "Schedule-80 PVC Pipe." That's the heavy duty GREY pipe, not the wimpy WHITE (Schedule-40) kind.

Brace yourself... You may actually have to pay a whole $20, but then again you'll probably have peace of mind.

Don't steal stuff.


The Pretty Good 10-04-01 01:34 AM

or look here:


Seamus 11-14-01 05:45 PM

I have 7 extra rollers I'm willing to part with if anyone wants them. It's 8" (20 cm) diameter PVC sewer pipe, cut in 12" (30 cm) lengths. They're very strong. I personally wouldn't want the diameter to be any larger, 10" or 12" looks ridiculous in my opinion. 8" is nice as it's slightly slower and more visible than the more standard 6".
I'm in Canada, email me ( ) if you want some. I'll charge a pittance plus postage.

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