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Kate Awesome 12-30-10 12:10 AM

Ferrara Buskerfest? last year, I was invited to the Ferrara Buskerfest in Italy, but, I bowed out last minute. I was offered an invite for 2011, but, after the crap experience I had in Milan, I thought I'd shoot it out there for all ye folks of widsomness on

anybody who is NOT a musician ever performed at this festival? Was it worth it? I'm planning on being in Europe next summer (at least for part of it), and was hoping it was somewhat worth it. I'm not particularly interested in a hippie festival experience, I'd like to make some cash, y'know?

I mean, it's a 10-day festival, right...

Victor Rubilar 01-20-11 08:08 AM

I said it before and I will say it again: DO IT!
Im dyeing to hear all the new terrible stories about your experiences in Italy and the best part of it: this time i will not be part of them. Good Luck!!!

btw: DONT do it!

jesus 01-20-11 06:43 PM

You two are cute together.

Daniel Craig 01-20-11 10:56 PM

What Geoff said.

Knoxious 01-22-11 06:47 PM

Linz is the king
Go to Linz if you want ot make some dollar in Europe


martin ewen 01-23-11 01:04 AM

Linz festival or just Linz in general?
Linz festival is OK IMO, lots of choices for the audience and Your pitches change which may or may not be a good thing.
One good thing about the Linz fest is the hang and also the Vellach festival the weekend after has you earning in the vicinity the next weekend, again with hotels provided and a green room and good hang.

PS Kate this Victor guy. he seems to know his own mind and has an extra.
That's a plus right?

Kate Awesome 01-23-11 02:33 PM

Folks: despite his best efforts, Victor never has, nor, never will bag me.
Just so y'know.

Thanks for your constructive comments, Knoxious. I will attempt to talk my way into Linz and Villach then. I'd rather not have another Milano Clown Festival experience...

jesus 01-25-11 10:40 AM


Originally Posted by Kate Awesome (Post 58422)
Folks: despite his best efforts, Victor never has, nor, never will bag me.

Thats what I said, but then he wore me down.

Kate Awesome 01-25-11 12:46 PM

Ya, you can't let your guard down with Victor for a MINUTE!

Kim 02-07-11 11:11 PM

It's not usually the GUARD that worries me...

martin ewen 02-07-11 11:16 PM

Kate its going to take forever if you itemize people who havn't bagged you.
It's just a suggestion but you have to admit it would just be far more efficient for everybody if you simply listed the people who have.

Just trying to help.

gav 02-08-11 05:00 AM

Hats at a lot of Italian busker fests are far below european average (what ever that may be for you), but there are always big crowds, sometimes huge. If you can do a lot of smaller shows, you'd probably make more money than doing a couple of big shows.
A lot of Italian acts I've seen, and foreigners that work there a lot, hat the crowd before they do the finale, and then after also.
If it's money you want to make,further North tends to be better, but no guarantee. Also, only go to those festivals that offer a decent daily retainer and full travel. Too risky otherwise.
If you speak Italian, you're automatically going to do better than someone who doesn't(as long as your show is good), unless you do a silent show.

I've had fun at Italian festivals and sometimes made good hats, but I don't go out of my way to get gigs there.

Never been to Ferrara.

Kate Awesome 02-11-11 12:05 AM

@Martin: Ya, but I don't bag other performers, so, you wouldn't know anybody on that list! >:p

@Gav: Thanks for the info! I have a silent statue show (ha, I also have a bit of a grasp of Italian but I suppose that wouldn't matter... but hey, I throw on some Claudio Villa on the playlist and it's all good, right?) and I have worked Italy before (worked the street in the North, did a wine festival tour & Milano Clown Fest) but other than the wine fests I haven't had any particularly hats to make me want to head back there... I've heard from several musicians that it's a great festival, but, we have very different acts... and after Milano, I want some concrete evidence!!

I will attempt to negotiate a retainer fee if my "automatic invite" from last year still stands...

Ian Deadly 02-09-12 07:55 AM


I've done Ferarra three times now and have always enjoyed it. Works like this:

No pay, no travel, no hotel! You get half price at the campsite which is a nice place to stay and rent a bike to get to the centre of town (it's a beautiful town).

10 days long...but you may only get invited for a few of these days so it's worth checking how many days you've been invited for...BUT! I always go for all ten days anyway and just ask for more shows, usually they give you them. Also there is a break from 6 till8 pm more or less where it's a free for all.

Hats are kind of low for huge shows but you can do more shows if you work hard anf move about a bit. I live in Italy so speak the language but even english only speakers seem to do well.

I will go there if I have no festivals elsewhere... Good party too.

Ciao, Ian

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