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Mr.Taxi Trix 05-06-08 03:56 PM

Nice to see you back here for a cameo, Mart.

Rachel Peters 05-06-08 07:52 PM

Who's the terminal optimist?? who? Is it me is it me?? Can I be it? Can it be me?? WOOHOO! oo OO! MOck me! me me! Can you mock me?? pa-leeeeeeeeze?

PS: I"m watching "Lorenzo's Oil" right now. WOOHOO! i have so much hope for that boy to get all better and happy.

Rachel Peters 05-07-08 04:53 PM

seriously though.
will you make fun of me?
it's been so long since junior high.

things are going too well lately and i need to be taken down a peg.

you could, say, mock my german heritage... although i don't know what you could possibly make fun of, since we're pretty much perfect.

PS: I finished "Lorenzo's Oil". He didn't get better this time, but I'm going to watch it again. Maybe the second time's a charm.

Mr.Taxi Trix 05-07-08 08:04 PM

You Mimes!
Are you simply going to turn your back and walk?

Where is you decency?

martin ewen 05-08-08 12:59 AM

Yeah right, tear a strip of flesh of someone who's coming to visit the next day, some people have no sense of timing.

Rachel Peters 05-08-08 03:16 AM

i just thought it'd give you more material to work with, with up-close observation.
more than just my funny phone anxiety.

"Where is you, decency?"

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