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Rachel Peters 10-17-07 07:18 PM

Airport Mishaps
Who knew that a fire extinguisher is actually a fire hazard?!

I do now. least I wasn't trying to go to the states.

They also took my wicked, bbq lighter. So now I can make that "who's got a lighter" joke for real! I'll have a whole "something went wrong at the airport" theme.

Frisbee 10-23-07 04:42 AM

do not travel with fuel either...

Rachel Peters 10-23-07 06:09 AM

Luckily I figured that one out before hand. ....apart from the lighter.

Daniel Craig 10-23-07 04:16 PM

If you've ever seen my flight cases, you know they are big, red, and hard to miss. Mostly I travel with one but sometimes for longer events I'll bring both for extra props, sound gear, etc...

Air Canada managed to lose both of them on a routine flight (no changes, delays, nothing) and not find them for another two days. Turns out they were sitting on a cart for connecting baggage in Winnipeg and just didn't come out on the conveyor...

I also had to juggle for the people at oversize baggage once in the middle of the Pearson check in lounge, then demonstrate how a spring puppet worked... It was actually really funny and probably a little surreal for all the other travellers around. :)

R. Wade Henry 01-03-08 09:32 AM

Fuel on board
I flew from Toronto to Winnipeg for the Fringe in 1995. I had a suitcase with props that I checked in and carried a small backpack with me in the cabin.

When I arrived in Winnipeg, I realized that I hadn't taken the plastic container full of charcoal lighter fluid out of my backpack before leaving Toronto.

They must have thought it was a water bottle at the x-ray.

I had been carrying the bottle along with me for the whole trip. I just thought "woops - I forgot I had that in there..."

How times have changed.

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