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Jim 05-14-06 12:32 AM

Spam Posts
There's been an increasing amount of spam being posted here lately. It started a few weeks ago and I'm deleting about 2-4 posts a day now.

I'm pretty sure it's just auto-posting spambots. They're getting in and posting in the gig forums where you don't need to be registered.

I know it's annoying, but if you see anything, just click the "Report this post" link and send it off. You don't need to write a big description, just submit the form. I check out all reported posts as soon as I get them.

I'm going to be upgrading the forums to version 3.5 of vBulletin in the near future and hopefully the spam will be blocked a bit better.


scot 05-14-06 10:50 AM

I just used this code for generating a image password on the fly. I just cut and pasted a few things into the code and bingo, it worked great. If you need help implementing it on this site, I'd be glad to. It will take like 20minutes tops.

The tutorial that talks about it:
All the files:

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