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Journo 04-25-05 09:42 PM

Hoopla performer
Hi all,
I've been assigned to write on Working in Australia for a widely circulating magazine. I'm trying to contact the Canadian firebreather who was at Hoopla in Sydney over Easter. I'd like to feature a photo of him. Anyone know him? Please pass this on.

gav 04-26-05 05:26 AM

not sure
I'm not in sydney at the moment, so I'm not sure. Are you sure he was a fire breather? My friend Brant the fire guy is there at the moment, but he doesn't breath fire in his show. He does a skateboard jump through a flaming star.
google search 'all star skateboard circus' and you should come up with his site , you could then email him and see if he was the one.

Journo 04-26-05 06:06 AM

Hoopla in Sydney
Dear Gav,
This is the guy I saw, I'm sure. Would you ask him if he'd like me to email him please? He would get good publicity from this if the editors decide to use it.

gav 05-11-05 09:14 AM

go ahead
Brant says you can email him if you like.
I won't directly post his email address, but you can go through his website to get him.

Journo 05-15-05 09:12 PM

Dear Gav,
I tried to email Brant with the pics but they bounced. Would you let him know please? Perhaps he could try me with another email address of his. Otherwise, he may let me send them to you.

gav 05-16-05 03:57 AM

That's the address I last used for him. You could send them to me, and then I'll endeavour to pass it on to him.
send them here

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