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Magic Mickey 09-03-05 11:13 AM

Promo Pack
Hi all,

I need help. I have been asked this year by many festivals for my promo pack. This is the first year that this has been asked of me and I don't quite no what to send them. What do you use in your promo packs. Is a video or DVD a must? Is there anything funny or gimmicky you put in your promo packs? I am a magician, juggler, unicyclest, and stilt walker so that will give you an idea of what I do. Thanks for all the help.


pablo 09-03-05 12:58 PM

Translation: Keep It Simple, Stupid. (Too much stuff confuses them and just gets thrown in trash.)

My "media kit" usually includes:

1) A brief bio/resume, with quotes from clients.

2) Previous or recent press clippings, if you have any.

3) One or two 8x10 promo photos. One in b&w, the other in color.

4) A five-minute video or DVD.

You can add other gimmicky stuff like stickers, t-shirts or magnets, but that's really more than they need.

Magic Mickey 09-04-05 10:31 AM

Thanks a lot pablo. I really apreciate the information.

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