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EpitaphofSanity 11-05-11 03:53 PM

Stock Clowning routines
Is there a good resource online for stock clowning routines?

Peter 11-06-11 04:58 AM

None that are worth a crap. Your character will determine what routines you can use. Paddy, my character, is an Irish hobo, so I talk, with a brogue and often screw up simple tasks because I "have a touch of the sickness" as my mother would say. Another phrase meaning either drunk or hung over.

A white face could not use the same routines at all. Again, look to your character before writing routines.

Peter "Paddy"

Isabella 11-07-11 04:20 PM

If you're teaching, there are a lot of books with stock routines, either "lazzi" which can be helpful for more advanced students, or simple skit-type routines aimed at kids learning to clown. Of course, with skill, anyone can adapt the routine to fit their own character and style.

As far as online, you may actually have to (gasp!) purchase a book :)

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