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nelliestar 11-17-02 12:18 PM

Bad Reputation/ Free Shows
We make our living performing with animals for fairs and festivals (and a few parties during the off season).
I would love the freedom and excitement of taking the critters down to the Public Market and putting on a "free" show during the boring off season, and "passing the hat". Talk about being your own boss!
But would we get a reputation as a "free" performer after that?
I am worried it might hurt our bookings.
Or, does this type of activity make so much money that I wouldn't care? How much CAN a person make, after a 10 minute professional show at a crowded place?
Whadda ya think?

The Pretty Good 11-19-02 11:47 AM

Street performers are not "Free acts".
10 minutes?

The Pretty Good 11-19-02 11:49 AM

Unless you mean free to go and do whatever you want.

Doctor Eric 11-19-02 12:40 PM

Professionals quite often perform for free.
Amateurs perform for cheap.

HiveQueen 11-19-02 01:27 PM

Seems public performances would be a potential source of new gigs -- the more people see you, the more people know about you, the more chance they'll think of you when they need to book an act for their event. Just make sure your contact info is easy to spot (url on your prop case, or "for event bookings, call 555-5555". Also, to avoid stepping on anyone's toes, do scope out your intended pitch before you show up to perform, and talk with the people already busking there. Good luck!

scot 11-22-02 11:20 PM

Yes, it could damage some opporunities.

I'm guessing the max to be around $800 US if it's the rubberboy or alakazam.

jugglermatt1 11-23-02 06:24 AM

Nelliestar , Your show can never be seen as free , your animals pay dont they? Transporting them into busy spaces for a quick show is notwhat the animals would rather be doing on a Saturday afternoon .In Europe you
would be thrown off the streets , and quite rightly too .
Ps did your mother not teach you that its rude to ask a person how much money he makes ?

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