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Rachel Peters 05-02-06 01:53 PM

light up teeth.
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Has anyone ever seen one of these before?
I found ONE in a dollar store ONCE, and have gone back a bunch of times and asked about it, but no luck. I've looked through other similar stores. Nothin'.

It sits in your mouth. You press a button with your tongue and coloured lights flash through your teeth.
...You can't talk with it in (not well, anyway).
I don't know what it's called. Didn't save the package.

Rachel Peters 05-02-06 01:53 PM

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Here's the light up teeth, lit up.

Doctor Eric 05-02-06 01:59 PM

There's a guy that sets up next to the pitch here that sells all that blinking light crap, he has those things. Want me to get you one?

Rachel Peters 05-02-06 02:14 PM

hmmm... maybe if you could find out where HE gets them from?
I'm thinking more on a bulk scale.
I've found some wholesale carnival crap companies, but none with this thing.

Doctor Eric 05-02-06 03:16 PM

Like this?

Rachel Peters 05-02-06 03:29 PM

preslicely. Thanks a bunch!


(wow, that flashy stuff is annoying.)

Doctor Eric 05-02-06 03:44 PM


Originally posted by Rachel Peters
(wow, that flashy stuff is annoying.)
Yeah, I meant to tell you not to click on any of the links on that page, sorry.

Rachel Peters 05-02-06 07:25 PM

to quote a cynical stilt-walking pnetter, "I have no idea what they have against epileptics."

Mrs. Wilson 05-03-06 10:56 AM

the flashy stuff...
Hey Rach..
item # HA-25/3025
$14.95/doz bateries included!

they have a whole page of these neon flash things....becareful of buying elsewhere for more...most places buy in bulk from this company then jack the price per piece (ask me how I know..)

good luck!

Rachel Peters 05-03-06 11:14 AM

I noticed that about the other company -- the "per piece" thing. I didn't like it.
(So, how do you know?)

for non-flashy stuff, I was using this company:
Potential promo crazy crap. (They have coconut bras!!!)

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