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miquee 03-25-07 05:06 AM

Buitenkans festival in holland
hello everyone...
i've just gotten an invitation to this festival. It pays a small travel fee and seems to be some kind of promotional festival. It is set up as a competition where you don't directly win anything but you are promised two paid gigs if you win. 5 winners out of 50 or so perfromances. Has anyone done this festival? As i have just recently moved to brussels and i don't have many contacts in this part of the world so i am half tempted to check it out as it is not too far away.
any feedback would be great.

Isabella 03-30-11 09:48 PM

I second this question - we are trying to decide whether it's worth it to go?

gav 04-01-11 02:05 PM

I too have wondered in the past if it was worth doing and decided it wasn't because just because I live over 1000 kms from it.
I see some people I know in the video and pics, so you might want to try asking directly, Anne from Dare devil Chicken club, and Betty Brawn Strong Lady.

I'd say if you're in Brussels and plan on being based there for a while, then this kind of show case fest could be worthwhile for you. The Belgian market is large, as is the Dutch, and it's not so easy to get a foot in the door just by sending promo.
Have you thought about City of Wings Ypres ? Too late for this year probably.

Isabella 04-02-11 06:07 PM

Thanks, Gav!

StrictlyNikki 04-11-11 12:43 PM

We've done this one a couple of times now. The first was when it was for acts to try out new work and they'd give you pitches, cover your costs, feed you, put you up somewhere pretty and give you constructive feedback, a nice idea if you want to work on something away from your own back yard. This was nice but didn't lead anywhere. The second time it was as a showcase with the competition you mentioned. We however didn't know the format was changed. no-one said so went with a new show to try it out and found out that everyone else was doing well worn in, slick lovely shows, that was tough! It can't have done our Dutch rep much good and we haven't had any work from that either! So....

There are 2 catagories in the competition, pro's & non pro's. The prize money and festival bookings you get out of it depend on the catagory you fall into. It is a nice festival to do. If you haven't got any paid work that weekend I'd say go and do it. You get looked after really well, the dormitory sleeping isn't as bad as that title suggests, in fact the place is very peaceful and beautiful. The down sides for us were that it didn't lead to anything else for us and that the pitches weren't rotated. If your allocated pitch was one in a less busy area, you'd be in that same pitch for all 3 shows on both days. That sucked. You can't hat because it's not that kind of festival and yet it doesn't quite seem a big enough festival to guarantee it will lead to much else. We met some lovely people. Had a nice time and did makes some useful contacts through the other performers. We were there the same year as the Daredevil Chicken Club, their act was one they'd been performing for some years so they may have a different result to tell you about.

Hope that helps,


StrictlyNikki 04-11-11 12:50 PM

I'm glad I said nice things about it, I just went onto the festival website after posting out of curiosity and it's my giant mug on the front page, guess they liked us just a little bit then!

Isabella 04-11-11 11:23 PM

Thanks! That's really helpful, exactly what we needed to know.

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