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UCO 02-14-03 10:04 PM

San Diego
What is the street like in san diego, is it shopping malls the beach does it exsist?

vconaway 03-06-14 06:08 PM

I just spent three weeks performing in San Diego (hammered dulcimer street music), and here's my takeaway:

Balboa park has a permit lottery, and all the locals swear by it as the best pitch in town (the lottery is 10am the first Saturday of every month, more info online, get there early). As a visitor I saw lots of busking and full hats, and it looked like a solid pitch even early in the week. The musicians also were allowed to sell CDs. I didn't make the lottery so I tried other venues.

There was a lot of busking in the gas lamp district at dinner time, but I work best in daylight so I didn't make a go at it. The lunch scene there was dead, with little traffic and no other buskers the two times I tried it.

Seaport Village was my best pitch in town. You don't need a permit anymore, but there are designated areas for use by performers or vendors. CD sales were allowed, and the port authority (on pacific highway) has maps that mark out all the allowable locations. I also had a really good pitch in front of a marina down the ocean promenade, but it wasn't legal and I got shifted off.

The port authority also had designated pitches on Coronado Island (at the ferry terminal) that didn't look very good, and in Chula Vista that I never made it to.

I had a really good experience, overall, and I hope to make it back.

George Gilbert 07-02-14 03:15 PM

You don't need a permit for seaport village anymore? Do they still require insurance...?

Amps, Fire?

George Gilbert 07-02-14 03:18 PM

To answer the original post, Balboa Park has a lottery system, and I'm not sure what's going on at Seaport Village, but it's an okay pitch... I also did shows at the pacific beach boardwalk on the sidewalk (big corner) in front of a restaurant called Amandas Green Flash... it was OKAY... If you can play small sidewalk shows for small crowds (5-6 minute sets), Gas Lamp District and night is lucrative.....

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