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NYSB_Craig 01-31-05 11:04 PM accounts
Any of you have accounts? I'd love to check them out, as I've just joined up.

mommaK 02-03-05 04:51 PM

i am
I'm on's a blast!


MarcusM 02-10-05 06:47 AM

i'm on that shit too, but i never go on...and i probably look really good with only one friend on it.

Evan Young 02-13-05 09:28 AM

yep, I'm on it.

Zack! 02-20-05 05:17 PM

I'm on Check it out. My id is docscarabus.

scot 02-21-05 11:52 AM

scot's on

Doctor Eric 07-17-05 07:50 PM

I'm there.

jburns 07-17-05 09:42 PM

On it...

MarcusM 07-17-05 10:00 PM

me 2
add me as a friend!

clara 07-21-05 01:20 AM

i find that thing to be such a time-waster, but in a good way. i've found old friends, and vice versa.

Frisbee 07-21-05 03:04 PM


there it is....

Spike McGuire 08-06-05 03:21 AM

now over 50 friends

Doctor Eric 10-22-05 05:31 PM

Craig, what's your myspace name/url?

roblok 11-03-05 02:30 PM

oh oh me me me!
Just ya go

zoobie 11-03-05 07:34 PM

Don't do it...

The thing about these new 'free space' programs is that they automatically gather your items to sell. You sign away your rights to your pics, songs, and videos which can then be used to turn a hefty profit...all at little or no cost to the host. Chances are, you'll never see your stuff because it's often sold to foreign media markets.


It looks like "" is being bought for 580 million dollars. If any of you have music posted on myspace you may want to remove it now - being bought by Fox allows Fox to use any of the songs or material you have posted on for free (based on their TOS):

By posting Content on any public area of, you automatically grant as well as represent and warrant that you have the right to grant to, an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid, worldwide license to use, copy, perform, display, and distribute such information and content to and that has the right to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, such information and content, and to grant and authorize sublicenses of the foregoing.
They usually start first with making the site 'free'...get tens of thousands of members, then sell it to a company who then changes the TOS...usually without notice. Suddenly, you start by getting strange emails to your private address.

More gathering sites include:

These and more to come are expected to grow by leaps and bounds within the next 18 months. The object is membership and content to sell down the road. Some may actually be legit....for now...but with the intention of selling in the future.

As posted on someone's blog..."It gives me something to do..."

Support your local comglomerate!

Doctor Eric 11-03-05 08:16 PM

That rupert murdoch rumor has been floating around since MySpace's first year.

scot 11-05-05 03:09 PM

I'm glad you brought your inside edition worries to this site. Now go away. You truely believe that they wouldn't get sued left and right for that crap? You're an idiot. And, you're the kind of idiot that tells people that trick or treating is dangerous, don't assist someone on the side of the road because they might jump you, don't help a gunshot victim because they might have aids, don't give money to the homeless because they'll follow you home and rob you, don't donate to charities or you'll get cancer.

Safety doesn't exist. Don't try to keep people from living because you're afraid of life.

gav 11-05-05 04:57 PM

Scot, who exactly were you aiming that rant at?
My question is, why do people have these sites?

Doctor Eric 11-05-05 05:04 PM

"Safety doesn't exist. Don't try to keep people from living because you're afraid of life."

That's a great staement in defense of people using MySpace.

"My question is, why do people have these sites?"

In my opinion, this is where the internet is going to go eventually. MySpace and Tribe are attracting hundreds of thousands of users, myspace folks call it "mycrack"

Eventually, Google is going to merge with one of these sites, and MySpace/Google, or whichever one it winds up being, will wind up being the ship you sail the electronic high seas in. It's taking over, hence, it's an excellent tool for self promotion. Alot of people also use it to find old friends.

And Zoobie, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't your site filled with videos and pictures that you don't have the rights to?

scot 11-05-05 05:07 PM

dear gav,

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