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Jim 12-18-01 01:35 PM

Library Additions - SUGGESTIONS?
Alright everyone, I know there are several posts within these forums that are potential stand-alone articles that could be featured in the library.

I want help finding them!

If you know of a thread or post you'd lke to see in the library, locate it and post the link here in this thread.

Just go to the thread and copy and paste the URL (that long http:// thing in your browser address area.) as a reply to this topic. See example above.

I'll start converting them to library files ASAP.


Jim 12-18-01 01:38 PM

Street performing tips by Steven Ragatz:

[ 01-25-2002: Message edited by: Jim ]</p>

Jim 01-24-02 11:21 PM

Hey everyone,

I'm still looking for more LIBRARY submissions. I'm doing additions all weekend.

I'll take tutorials, marketing ideas, pitch descriptions, city descriptions, promo related stuff, festival reviews, notes on getting started... anything you think would fit well in the library. If you have something written, email me the PLAIN TEXT.

Also, I'll take links to articles already published on other sites which I can refer people to.

AND, I'm looking for suggestions on what articles I can mine from these forums. What are your favorite threads? Any particular posts you know of that would stand alone as an article?

Send stuff in ASAP. I'm spending the next 3 or 4 days on improvements and I'd like to get a bunch of new stuff up there.


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