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Daniel Mooncalf 06-18-08 11:27 PM

Is this my line?
I can't remember reading it anywhere, and it seems to be effective in keeping some people around... A keeper line, I guess.

Sir, wait right there... Don't pull out before the climax.

jeep caillouet 07-01-08 09:39 AM

I might steal this one from time to time,it sure beats "I didn't leave when you got here". That is if you don't mind. toodleloo

Frisbee 07-01-08 05:29 PM

And right there my friends is the best reason for none of us to post questions like this in the future.

Thanks Jeep!

jeep caillouet 07-04-08 01:52 PM

wrong verb
I should have said use. And I did ask permission.

Daniel Mooncalf 07-07-08 12:08 PM

I tend to share the wealth. :)

You have my permission. :)

I was just checking to see if I actually improvised the line (I don't sit and think of funny lines), or if I picked it up here. It's not in any of my Cellini or Gazzo videos.

Evil Hypno Monkey 11-12-08 05:09 AM

Sound and Fury was using this line back when I toured with them in 2001.

It doesn't mean you didn't come up with it from your own creative brain.

It just means that you didn't come up with it first.

Aaron Gregg 06-16-10 08:42 PM

I've been using this line on my local pitch for many years now. I'm wondering how common it is because a new show on the pitch that has only been working for a year has been using it and claims they came up with it themselves. The pitch regulars have generally had a policy of trying to keep our shows different from one another and the new guy doesn't seem to want to do this (admittedly, I'm claiming seniority, but don't believe they came up with the line themselves). Anyway, any thoughts on how common it is?

"This is what I do for a living" wait for no reaction "wow, you seem about as impressed as my parents."

I understand the concept is common but the wording is important. I also think they got it from me because they don't have the timing right. In my experience if they came up with it themselves they'd quite likely know how to make it work.

Frisbee 06-17-10 04:46 PM

Hey Aaron,

I have not heard it phrased quite that way.

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