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stickman 02-27-04 02:59 PM

Berlin, Germany
Anybody worked it? Would love some info, if your willing to share.


UCO 02-29-04 11:41 AM

I thought is was very cold at times but workable,
the reation from the crowd was strange, but they hats were decent, amazingly enough;
I tried speaking and working silent
try to speak allittle bit of bad german puts you into the respect for trying game; and they loosen up. I worked there for two weeks on the KUDAM just in front of the church; well half church
Good luck

stickman 03-03-04 12:10 PM

Thanks for the info UCO. KUDAM still seems to be the main pitch, few others are rumored to be workable in the summer as well. Did a few after meeting up with some of the locals, for winter they weren't bad. Know what you mean about strange though.


Peter Voice 03-03-04 04:06 PM

I worked on Kurdam way back in 91. About half a km from the church towards where the wall used to be, there is a fashion store set about 20ft back from the rest of the street frontages. I'm sure the space is still there. It was good for us especially during the day and after we made p3 of "Das Bild" and the TV news. We also got the very first buskers permit issued for East Berlin.

UCO 03-03-04 04:07 PM

In the mood for something new
If you do any night club work I have a contact for ya.
Crazy fetish, Kit Kat Klub ask for dominque, does some bookings there.
Good luck

stickman 03-08-04 05:22 PM

Thanks for all the info guys! Down south in Wiesbaden now, will probally be heading up to berlin again when it gets a little warmer.

First couple of street shows had some agent walking in asking for bussiness cards, and a tv crew filming away obliovious that they might be interrupting what they were filming. Crowds were good, though the hats proved I still need to work on my German money lines a little more.

I love doing night club work, so Ill definitly give them a call before I head back up. Have a few other places Im supposed to be sending demo material as well. Varitie, and club work seems to be the way to go in Germany.

Overall was a good tester though.


jonas 11-12-06 12:23 PM

im also interested in some information about busking in berlin.
are they strict?
i play bagpipe which causes problems in some cities.

UCO 12-20-06 02:57 PM

Ahh winter shows
Will be workin it this winter hard core style.
Anyone there or want to hook for a laugh and a currywurst?

UCO 01-03-07 09:59 AM

just arrived
I just got here a couple of days ago will be giving it a go this weekend, anyone in germany? Kudamage.
Sticks are you still here?

stickman 01-03-07 10:14 PM

Nope afraid not, I escaped Germany a few years ago. In Florida at the moment, spending some long over due time with the family who winter down here.


peersET 08-29-07 04:02 AM

kit kat kool !
i'm going to europe to busk sax in april.

the kit kat sounds like just what i'll need ...

need a break ?

martin_ronda 09-14-09 11:08 AM

Does anyone have any news from berlin???

I'm going there next summer or maybe on the winter time... the only things that I would really like to know is if there's some place where I can practice circus, some circus school...

I know about juggling katakomb...

Well any place like the barcelona's "makabra" would be nice!

thanks a lot!

Paul Garbanzo 10-06-09 09:08 AM

Germany in June-July
hey everyone,

I'm going to be in Germany/Czech Republic/Austria from beginning of June until mid-July. I've got mostly weekends booked up but would love to do some cabaret during the week. Or even just meet up with some other performers and hang out. lemme know


gav 10-06-09 02:07 PM

You're refering to 2010 ?

Paul Garbanzo 10-06-09 02:54 PM

Hey Gav,
good to hear from you! Haven't seen you since 2007!

yes, 2010 is what I was refering to. I'll be starting off near Frankfurt/Koln (west Germany) and then making my way across to Czech Republic by middle/late June. then around Austria/ Eastern Germany by july. Not every weekend is booked, Any festivals around there I should know about?

Take care!

gav 10-07-09 01:32 AM

Hi Paul,
I'll put together a bit of a list for you, but probably not in a hurry. I've switched minds at the moment.

Samora Squid 06-05-11 07:53 AM

I assume all the information about working Berlin is current? I'll be there in a day or two, on my way to Copenhagen, from Prague. Probably just mid-week, but still wanna do shows. Is there a permit system still in place and is it enforced?

Samora Squid 06-10-11 12:04 PM

What locals helped you, Stickman?

Yesterday, I went to Kuddamm and the local breakdancers were less than helpful, I have to say. They lounge about for half an hour, between 5 minute shows and won't let me do 20 mins. Furthermore, they told me that the good cirle pitch was where the wall used to be. It was just like Southbank, London: twats in costumes wandering around getting their photo taken with tourists for 1. To stand out from these losers, without a LIMO (Anyone that knows me will get what I mean) was hard, let me tell you.
So I finally pull an edge, when the cops come and grab my sword off me, telling me they're illegal in Germany.
I convince them to return it, providing I don't take it in public again.
So today, I did a finaleless show in Kuddamm, (the break-dancers were not in they're usual spot, although there were some corporate, non-busking b-boys not far away, so I waited until they were done) and made less than I did in my first ever street-show, 8 years ago.
Humble Pie, anyone?

Perhaps the weekend will be better...

gav 06-11-11 02:09 AM

Try Alexander platz .

Samora Squid 06-11-11 09:31 AM

Yeah, some guy at the pub (not a performer, but a local) said that might be a good idea. Pissing down with rain today, so no shows anywhere for this little black duck!
I've had some pretty bad luck in this city, I have to say and not just in regard to street. But, up until this week, this Euro trip has been fantastic, so I can't really complain.

Thinking I'm going to cut my losses and head to Copenhagen tomorrow, but if the weather is good, I'll have one last crack in the morning, I suppose.

Berlin has given me some stories, but for me they're tragedy. When I tell some of you blokes over a beer, you'll regard them as comedy, I shouldn't wonder!

The idea of a sceond hand tennis raquet also seems to be an alien concept here. I'll try the flea market tomorrow. Haven't done the raquet routine for a while, but it works and without my sword, right now I have no finale.

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