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Marcus Wilson 10-04-10 10:26 AM

Corporate Show October 29, 2010 Salt Lake City, Utah
Hi Everyone

I need an act for a corporate gig in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 29, 2010.

The show pays $650 plus a hotel room or $700 and no room.

You will have to get yourself here.


The show has to be Disneyland/ PG Clean.

At least 45 minutes long.

It can't be a Stand Up Comedian or a Magician. They had a Magician 2 years ago and a comedian last year.

I would prefer it isn't a juggler because I want to book myself for this job next year but I will consider one if I can't get anyone else.

And one more thing your act can't suck.

If your interested send me an email at

Thanks, Marcus

Marcus Wilson 10-13-10 01:16 AM

The gig is filled
Thanks to everyone who submitted there promo materials.


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