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garyknights 05-24-01 10:07 AM

Stratford upon Avon-This is Gary Animal
Hello People,

Just to let everyone know that Stratford council have put the busking fee up from 10.00 per performer a day to the a stupid 52.00 per day for each busker.
This was on 21st may 2001 and we are not happy nor working.
It seems The agency Crowd Pullers othered 5000.00 for the pitch.This was turned down but made the council realise it's value.A punch and judy man has offered to buy it but only if the buskers are stopped.The could not stop me or the others because we have been there for more than ten yrs and this gives us a legal right.Loop hole being they can charge what they want.
Come to stratford do a show and refuse to pay .You will not be arrested just told to go so don't worry about no working visa.
This weekend may 26th The regulars are going for a show down.Any one around feel free to turn up.
I know we will not win as it is private ground but after so many good years it seems a shame to loose one of the worlds best busking pitches.
Everything was fine until Gazzo came to stay with me.
Will look for new pitch in town.

worldwidese 05-24-01 02:05 PM

Let the Stratford people know you have the legal right, and you are willing to fight. And then try for a compromise FEE somewhwere in the middle that you can both live with. Tell them that Crowd Pullers doesn't know as well as you, what the spot is worth. They are maybe overestimating.Up with the common man! Goodluck. Kelly.

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Prof Willie B 05-24-01 05:49 PM

Why don't you give us an email address for the council and the local papers so that we can bombard them with our thoughts.

Dead Wood Records 05-28-01 09:18 PM

It's not nice to hear that youv'e lost you pitch to the goverment. But let me tell you Garry that it's a lot worse to loose your freinds and actually see them turn your back on you.

Ah well as I say Karma always catches up with you in the end.

See ya

Trevor Rooney

seanbridgesbikeboy 05-29-01 11:43 AM

Dear gary,
Shit thats bad news about the pitch man stratford is a great place to work as well.Drive all night sleep in your car by the pitch,Eleven a clock post your card on the sign near that lock .Hang out with you and the others.Do a show make some cash go home.How about outside shakespeares birth place that was a great place too.Well i will be england soon and i was going to head to stratford and i wont be paying 52 pounds neither.Crush the facist regime how about chaining yourself to the lock that would.create some shockwaves.See ya all the best bike boy say hello to the boys much respect had a great time everytime ive been to stratford you are a great bunch of lads x

garyknights 05-29-01 01:12 PM

Weekend okay.had to do a bit of ducking and diving.As for trevor Rooney I think you must of gone mad as as far as Iknow we still are friends.Unless ofcourse you have taken offence to my posting of festival of festival of festivals thing.That was really me just taking the piss out of your Idea which I believe to be untenable.
Back to Stratford the pitch hasn't gone it is just costs more.A yearly permit is now available at better value ,at 1000.00 per yr.per performer.
We are in tailks to get this reduced but as yet no deal is offered.
It may be possible to club together and share the main pitch between those that turn up.(52/numember of performers)This is still not cheep.
Will keep you posted. Gary Animal

SteveFaulkner 06-02-01 12:05 AM

Ah! Mr Animal, finally found a way of communicating with you. I'm in Darwin at the moment and its nice and hot. Shows have been nice around oz., having a nice break now. What you up to except for battling with the authorities. Right on.

AJJames 06-04-01 07:03 AM

Hi Gary and co,
thanks for bringing this issue to our attention,
just want to say this should be posted under Specific pitches.. this issue is not Bla ,Bla ,Bla, this is an issue that effects every Busker on the planet and should be discussed as such,
it's a shame that we don't worry if it's not on our door-step,
this is why we should,
the Bancroft is private land owned by a private company and therefore has been quick off the mark to seize a revenue generating opportunity, but this is a president (in the UK atleast) which means that although the Bankcroft is privately owned land ,it won't be long before they set an example for councils and local authorities to impose their own fees for street performers, it already happens to hawkers (market traders),
if this new liscence fee goes ahead, it will prove to other authorities that there's big bucks to be made from street performers,
and things will never be the same again, anywhere,
I support the Stratford artists in protest of these charges , and if they remain 100% united ,I believe with the support of the global community they can prevent this cancer from spreading ...
at the very least ,we should campaign to actually get something for our money ,if I had to pay( 1000 a year)I would want changing facilities ,storage ,basic staging, appropriate audience seating, effective security, a maximum number of liscensed acts,an all weather marquee for rainy days,
and a partridge in a pear tree

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