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jesus 04-15-10 10:55 AM

Iceland making an ash of itself
Anyones travel plans effected by the Iceland ash plume?
Maybe Lee could go put a cork in it fo us.
I hope it's cleared up before I have to fly that way next week.

Rumpelstiltskin 06-03-10 09:07 PM

Rumpel in Reykjavik...
C-r-i-k-e-y! Was lucky i made it to Iceland, not due to Eyjafjallajoekull, but i woke up at 9.15 am...the same time my flight was leaving from Vegas to Minneapolis. Thank goodness i could get on the next flight, also only had to pay an extra $50. Ontop of that was nice Delta Air tagged my bags, Vegas to Minneapolis through to Reyjavik or else i would have missed my connection in Minneapolis. Would have been a total drag racing to check my bags in with Iceland Air on time, getting to Humphrey terminal and walking all that way.
True Rumpel style, my fool's journey has never been a total breeze. Cool that i'm in Iceland, a fool like me....was only a stone throw away from Eyjafjallajoekull a day and a half ago. It's gone easy now. Blimey! I would have been stuffed if i had of missed my flight to Iceland. Would have kissed my short European season 'Goodbye!'
Nice that luck was on my side this time!
Iceland! cRiKeY! :)

worldwidese 06-12-10 12:59 AM

Checking bags.
Rumpel.As a general rule your bags should always be checked through to your final destination. Even on flights between countries. Saves a lot of agro and you'll be less likely to get stuff stolen from out of your bags.Plus it's cheaper now that we pay for each bag.

Haven't you plugged up the crater hole yet? Use some of your surplus props..

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