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LUCKY DIAMOND RICH 04-22-06 08:07 PM

Happy Birthday Bike Boy
Happy Birthday Mr.Bridges!

Hope you have a fantastic day,and I am just sorry that I could be around to spend it with you,me old mate!

I expect that you will out doing loads of shows down the MCA and creating a good vibe!

Here's a tip tell the audience it is your birthday today,and you proberly will get more money! Melvin tought me that one!

Lots of love,brov Lucky Diamond Rich x

Ps.just wanted to be the first to say it on the P.Net,we would not want people thinking we were not mates,hey!

Scot Free 04-22-06 11:21 PM

likewise shaun.
we hope to see you this summer in canada,
or not.
either way happy birthday to you bro.

nick nickolas 04-23-06 02:40 AM

Yes Happy Birthday bicycle,
My Dear Friend
love Tableaux

jester 04-23-06 06:43 AM

Mr Bridges...

You are awesome.. you're legend lives on here in the South West of UK.

Happy Birthday to a Legend, but not a myth!

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