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jugglerjosh 02-06-05 06:32 AM

jugglerjosh - Josh Weiner NYC
This year, Josh is Organizer of the South Street Seaport Festival and Fundraiser to be held from June 15th-18th, 2005.

Josh has been a hometown New York City street performer since 1990. His act includes a theatrical display of his own juggling and related circus skills. During some special events, Josh also performs piano.

Further Information on the "Busker's Fare", a part of NYC River to River Festival, is on the forums and at:

jugglerjosh 02-06-05 06:34 AM

Josh's Bio
Josh Weiner began professional performing in 1977.

Josh has been performing his Juggling Show in New York City for the past 22 years. His show was a 17 year regular act at the South Street Seaport. He was awarded "2005 Busker's Hall of Fame" Award for his work as street performer, samaritan efforts, and organizer of the Busker's Fare Street Festival.

Josh is a current MUNY (Music Under New York) performer and works for audiences in Central Park. He has been highlighted in The New York Times, National Geographic (May 1993) , NY Newsday, The Village Voice (Best of Street Performers) and in several other publications. Josh has performed for many events in the New York City area, such as Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Busker’s Ball at the World Trade Center, FAO Schwarz, International Toy Fair, Fourth of July Fireworks Festival, Museum Mile, Yonkers Riverfest, Circus Sundays on the Barge, Bloomberg Festival, the Asian-American Heritage Festival, Yankee Stadium (MUNY) and Shea Stadium (MUNY). He also performs for birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, communions and other celebrations for young people and their families. He interacts with audience members as they assist with feats in the show and also amaze themselves and guests as they perform on their own for the occasion. Josh can also give instructional workshops on how to juggle, for party guests after the performance. To contact Josh for your next party or celebration, call (212)388-2252. Hire Josh !

jugglerjosh 05-17-11 09:13 PM

Two Videos 2011 of Josh from NYC.
Juggling: New feat, this 2011.

Oh, and I play the piano.


Read my blog!

jugglerjosh @

p.s. Hire Josh!

jugglerjosh 07-09-12 10:34 AM

Who's Who? View My Profile! Hire Josh
Who's Who? View My Profile! Hire Josh

jugglerjosh 08-30-12 10:06 AM

Award Winning Street Performer & Pianist for Hire
Juggling & Related Circus
Rope Dancer

For Hire:

jugglerjosh 11-10-12 10:51 AM

State Transition Maps by Josh Weiner
Dear Fans, I have decided to file share my State Transition Maps...

:jester:SITESWAP SYSTEMS:jester:
1) Vanilla Siteswap Maps
2) Synchronous Siteswap Maps
3) Multiplex Siteswap Maps

If you do not know how to navigate a state transition map, and would like to learn, send me a message!

:jester:VANILLA SITESWAP:jester:
3 Quantum, to Height 6
4 Quantum, to Height 8
0 to 5 Quantum, to Height 10
:jester:MULTIPLEX SITESWAP:jester:
3 Quantum, Height 5(Quaternary)

Google is sending a "permission not granted" message. If you would like access to my maps, send me a message! Free!

Vanilla Siteswap 5 Quantum, Height 10 Coming Soon!

These maps are the intellectual property of Josh Weiner from NYC. Any donations for my work are appreciated.

Have a nice day.

Sincerely, Josh

jugglerjosh 11-10-12 10:53 AM

2012 Promo Video
Who's who? Hire Josh!!!

This is my new video, fresh off the presses.

jugglerjosh 08-27-15 06:13 AM

Haven't been here in a while.
This is a message.

jugglerjosh 08-21-16 09:49 AM

9 rings, 9 catches by jugglerjosh JSMWNYC.

jugglerjosh 09-18-16 09:19 PM

$10,000 NYC STreet Tips 9/18/2016
1 Attachment(s)
$10,000 USD from street performing in NYC.

Is circulation different in your city?

Photo Attached.

jugglerjosh 07-08-17 12:19 PM

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