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Frisbee 01-19-01 11:58 AM

Custom Pogo stick

I have an idea for two Pogo-Sticks and I can not seem to find anyone who is willing to build them for me. I have checked all pogo companies and because of liabilities they will not, I even suggested that I would sign a waiver. Anyone have any suggestions or places to try? I think I could maybe even do it myself if I had a clue about welding and springs and physics and etc...thanks!!!


Brian Wilson 01-19-01 01:42 PM

Hey Frisbee.
My partner in crime is also interested in a custom designed pogo stick. I know an engineer/performer up here in Canada who has contacts with a welder. I'm sure we could whip something into shape. This could only happen after April though....
drop me a line...

Vantage 01-31-01 07:44 PM

Hello again,
I can and generaly will build anything. I do mainly stilts now. I have done lot of other things for performance. mail me at: .

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