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Unregistered 08-05-11 11:44 PM

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MIKA 08-30-11 05:52 PM

Here are some helpful tips and warnings I got froma friend in Los Angeles, who did Beacher's Madhouse.

-You do not matter. If you have any seizure or neurological problems, DO NOT BOTHER AUDITIONING! They are strobe fanatis

- a demeaning and humiliating experience, because you get screamed at and berated. skin shouldn't just be thick... it should be bullet proof and enjoy abuse. are you willing to put up with that!

- You are not special or different or unique.

- They LIKE crazy. - so, if you are mentally ill... you might have a better chance.

- nobody will give you a straight answer or explain anything to you. You should be able to read minds and take very vague hostile directions.
By the way Don't ask questions or have any standards (see #2).

If you're sill willing to do it. Read what you sign. You deserve to know what you're getting yourself into.

- If you finally make it to being in one of the shows: Talk to the folks backstage while you help them zip up costumes or care for their instruments and props. Talk to the ones who have been there the longest (or have traveled with the show). Ask them if they like it.

-It's a TRUE "old school" Vaudeville show: abusive and exploitative.

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