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Airborne Dan 11-20-01 01:45 AM

Out yourself here!
Out yourself here! That's right, the moment I'm sure you've all been waiting for. Many of you who know me can testify that I am a happily married man with two wonderful children whom I help support by street performing. I have the reputation of being a caring, creative, artistic guy who's greatest devotion is directed toward his wife and children. At the same time I have many opportunities to go out and strut my stuff on the street. Do you know what I'm saying?

These days I spend most of my time taking care of toddlers. Wiping asses, reading stories, singing songs, eating, comforting, laughing, coddling and all the other things it takes to raise children. I love doing it.

But it is all a mask to conceal the real truth about me. I am gay. And I'm sure I'm not the only performer who is masking their homosexuality through their performance. I mean, c'mon look at you guys. I've seen Peter Panic's costume chest and it was impossible not to notice that every other article of clothing was women's apparel. Jim does a great show but he also makes his own curtains. Do you know what I'm saying? Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable Martin E. is when he's out of make-up?

What I'm trying to say here is don't take Bobarino up on an offer of hospitality if he invites you to stay in his van unless you're willing to "go all the way". It's also been widely rumored that the B.F. Man enjoys wearing women's underwear (I don't know if it's true, I heard it from a barfly at a pub in SanFransisco). Jenny likes to shave her head and wear men's clothing. And why the hell does Peter Gross keep looking at my ass?

And another thing, look at the names some of you choose: Danny Hustle? Johnny Flash? For God's sake Poke Poke? And don't forget Scott Nerry. Admit it! Look at Chance and Frisbee and how they love to get tied up by other men for cash. If that isn't a mask I don't know what is. I could go on.

Like for example look at the way Al Millar loves to climb his circus pole and sit on top of it. If that's not gay then just shoot me. One time I was doing a gig with Bobarino and the producer provided us with a hotel room for the night after the show. Bobarino was crawling into bed next to me when I asked him, "you're gay aren't you?". He replied, "how'd you know?" I said "because there's another fucking bed."

Any way I thought it would be nice for you fellow performers to have a place where you could finally "get it off your chest". Out yourself here!

Triona 11-20-01 10:59 AM

Hey Airborne!

Pokie-Poke the Jongleur is my roommate and I can assure you he's not gay....

Besides, I'm his faithful sidekick Squishy-Squishy! Let your freudian side ponder that for a while.

Hey Martin, I'm sure you have something insightful to say about this...

Butterfly Man 11-20-01 01:37 PM

Well, hmmm, I did win the blackout round at gay bingo last night while drinking double whiskies.
Woke up this morning sore as hell ...

peterpanic 11-20-01 05:10 PM

it seems to me anyone who calls himself a 'jongleur' is either gay or french, hard to tell the difference anyway...
ass for me...
wouldnt you like to know?
i prefer to be a bit secretive about my hidden secret private life, like ricky martin, or kevin spacey, or michael jackson.
or peter pan for that matter. what was the deal with that? he has been a confusing and disturbing role model for me. he seems to think he is a hot looking woman trying to pretend to be a boy dressed all in green running around on stage fighting with pirates. constantly shouting- hey everybody! look at me! goddam show-off. thinks he's so great. and all i wanted to do was hang out with wendy and bake cookies.
peter pansy

martin ewen 11-20-01 07:05 PM

I am woman.

nick nickolas 11-20-01 10:43 PM

I just perform alone with my stick and balls

Chance 11-21-01 01:59 AM

Since you went and let the cat out of the bag Dan, the next time I'm feeling kinky I'll be sure to give you a call! How do you look in all-over black latex and 8-inch spike heels, Dan?

Todd 11-21-01 03:34 PM

Fire eater!
Get it, get it! (wink wink)
Bed of nails! Get it, get it!(wink wink)
But what does that say about my wife/partner?

Triona 11-21-01 04:03 PM

Hey Peter,

Neither, just medieval.....

Actually he's Scottish. Unfortunately the Scottish term for what he does is "the freak on the corner playing with his balls".

Secretive about your private life, huh? That usually translates into "has no life".

theballoonman 11-22-01 07:56 PM

the way i look at it can you hate a man whose only crime is he wants to suck my me it looks like hes got my best interests at heart...he's on my side.

fracksfreakshow 11-22-01 10:47 PM

Oh man and I'm a sword swallower.

Mr.Taxi Trix 11-24-01 10:12 AM

Speaking of stage names, it doesn't count if you're only gay for money, right? Well, that and a few minor flings. Couple of part time live ins.

Mart, would you bring me a chocolate?

martin ewen 11-24-01 11:07 AM

While my orifaces are mostly to let.
tenants thankfully easy to get.
I do have conditions
to nocturnal admissions
genitalia must be matching set.

[This message has been edited by martin ewen (edited 11-24-2001).]

Jenny 11-26-01 12:07 AM

Listen Dan, and all you other weinershnitzels...

In the glory of all your penis worship, you WISH you could be gay, but could you really give up sex with a WOMAN? Why else do you think I shaved my head and gave up on men (except for their clothing). I've come to see the LIGHT!

And as for you Martin; sorry, but you're no woman. After living with you for so long, the truth had to come out.
I'm afraid the engagement is off.

martin ewen 11-26-01 08:15 AM

Jenny-Thanks,Ilike to start the week with at least one bone numbing disappointment.
But what about all the little substance abusing cynical disfuncional children we had planned?
Couldn't you face that many sneers at the breakfast table.
No matter, I shant need your incubator, not while I still have an option on some Romanian Aids orphans.
Still no hard feelings and I hope the confusion lifts.

herbie treehead 11-26-01 10:35 AM


Triona 11-26-01 11:23 AM

Thanks Jennny, one less bit of competition is always appreciated.

Frisbee 11-26-01 01:12 PM

You shaved your head?

And Dan I dont let any guy tie me up for money...just YOU...and you werent supposed to tell anyone about that.


Chance 11-26-01 01:23 PM

You actually got PAID Frisbee? Damn, I thought he was just flirting!

Barry 11-26-01 02:03 PM

i just have to say nothing will get a bunch of bloody performers to open up their mouths (excuse me ...verbally ,that is)like an open forum discussing their own (and their buddies) homosexuality.not suprising , really ,but it certainly makes one think about an awful lot of unfulfilled desires.(and in some cases ,rather fulfilled...i know who you are)
in any event , i seem to suffer from the same problem or i wouldnīt be introducing myself to the forums name is barry i am young , sexy , single and rumour has it that i will sleep with anything(this , of course , is not true - i am not interested in certain breeds of animals)
so for those of you that know me...hi
for those of you that donīt i suppose you will have to slodge your way through the words of one more drivelling idiot who just canīt get enough attention

champagne for my real freinds...real pain for my sham freinds


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