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Kenny Ahern 11-20-05 02:30 PM

(Mac) external DVD burner
I'm looking for a reccomendation for an external DVD burner that is compatible with Mac. I have an iMac (DV Edition) running OS X (Jaguar 10.2.8).

I searched the archives a bit and found great info on compatibility issues, but no specific Mac brand/model suggestions.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kenny Ahern

Evan Young 11-20-05 07:34 PM

a lot of online internet retailors have customer reviews that you can read. You can also check out . Once you find a couple brands that look good you can google the model for reviews. Also, go to a store with a good return policy and ask the sales guy if the product gets returned a lot.
I did this when I was buying a new used car, and it made me a lot more confident in my purchase. I also did it with the phone I just bought and all kinds of other crap.

LaCie d2 DVD+/-RW with LightScribe and Toast 6 Titanium found at
I think this looks like a good product, but I would search around on other reatailer sites and compare. read the reviews.
the site says it requires a power mac G4 500mhz. I think it will work with your computer anyway, but you should call them and make sure.
LaCie has a good reputation. I've noticed most of their products get good reviews when I'm shopping around.

Evan Young 11-21-05 08:14 AM

here it is for cheaper

or in a package with "toast" *recomended

Evan Young 11-21-05 08:18 AM

finding good prices on Mac gear

good place to start looking. Helps you find reviews and all that jazz.

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