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PJuris 09-15-08 07:36 PM

Looking to hang....
I do a strait jacket escape and I'm looking to do it while hanging upside down. I'd need this contraption to be portable so I can use it in both indoor and outdoor venues. Any ideas?

Frisbee 09-15-08 09:32 PM

why would you want to do that...

PJuris 09-15-08 10:04 PM

so I could be like you when I grow up!:D

Frisbee 09-15-08 10:21 PM

hey Peter,

send me an email, I have some thoughts and ideas for you...depending on if you are still in the same venue.


Isabella 09-16-08 02:01 AM

I sell a rig that I use for aerial but we've also set it up for straitjacket. It may be more rig than you need, though. It's at on the shop page.

gsidhe 09-16-08 08:14 AM

For a small portable rig- Go to a sex shop. They have portable rigs used to hang sex swings. Lightweight, quick setup and are tough enough to take a lot of movement. It will run you well under $200 (Closer to $150).
If you want something that will take you higher than 7 feet, look at Isabellas rig. I have seen them up close- Beautiful piece of engineering (Although a little more labor intensive).
Hope this helps!

PJuris 09-16-08 08:38 AM

Thanks for the advice gang!

jeep caillouet 09-16-08 08:56 AM

tri pod
Ringon has one for sale. Look under for sale - wanted

Frisbee 09-16-08 10:28 AM

yup, it only weighs a gazilliion pounds and he can not show you a picture of what it looks like...sounds like a bargain

JasonEscape 06-21-16 02:25 PM

I've got one for ya. :) 18 feet. Custom built by Mark Cannon. $5000. Shipping not included. I am in Boston, MA.

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