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davidkaye 10-02-11 11:27 PM

Taking to the Streets Again
After a hiatus during much of the summer I'm taking to the streets and subways probably tomorrow (Monday) as the tourism calms down a bit (though there is still a big Oracle fest going on this week).

I prefer the off-season here in San Francisco because people aren't as frantic, and they're also a bit looser with their money, or maybe they just appreciate the entertainment more. It stands to reason: If you're a tourist, the chances are that you're here with family and a budget that gets stretched just to go out and eat. And then you want to get to see all the things the guidebooks say are important to see. But if you're a local or you're just a visitor here on business, the chances are that you have a little more time to stop and enjoy things at a more relaxed pace.


MagiCol 10-04-11 09:38 PM

Hi. I was editing an article of mine about Festivals and similar, and mention that one good area for busking or selling is close to fast food outlets, and that includes ice cream vans and the like. Because people know they have to pay cash for their food, so they are going to have change when they turn up in that area. So, help relieve them of their cash - in return for providing entertainment and the like :-)

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