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mattbassman 10-04-09 02:19 PM

Southern Lights Circus and Street Arts Festival 2010
Ok guys, here we go...

The dates are 11th - 13th June and it will be in lovely Kimmeridge again.

We are starting to put everything together for next year and as this is a community event, we want you, the community to give your input as to what you would like to see there.

Things like, who would you like to teach workshops? Which superstar juggler should we get? Wes again or someone else?

We'll have to set an "idea" deadline of January 31st to give us enough time so please get us your suggestions before then.

Tickets will be on sale via SOUTHERN LIGHTS

More updates can be followed via FACEBOOK And TWITTER

Photo's of SL09 can be found here: FLICKR

Happy Winter

The SL10 crew

mattbassman 11-22-09 02:28 PM

Southern Lights Festival are pleased to make several announcements:

NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH please check back frequently as this will be updated regularly.

TICKETS ON SALE NOW is fairly self explanatory but it is important to point out that we only advertise to the community until March 1st. We offer a 15% discount until this date. If you are in a Juggling Club or Society then get your tickets before this date as we don't offer any group/club/society/other discounts after this date and there will be NO exceptions.

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE now up and running (Just search Southern Lights 2010)

JUGGLING.TV VIDEO of SL09 is now up so go look (and includes Wes's 6 fire clubs!)

TWITTER updates for the twits “Southern_Lights”

Lastly we are pleased to announce that our circus traders this year will be FIRETOYS who will have masses of top gear for you to play with and it will also be a chance to talk to them about any custom props you would like to see on the market.

Many thanks and see you in June

Any questions please call 07880 626155

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