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asher Tea 07-18-06 08:44 AM

notre dam and the pompiwho?
anyone have any onfo on working at notre damm, i hear that after that whole looting and burning cars thing, oh and i guess also that whole new terrorist fad, that its not good to pitch up in front of the hunchback house? Does anyone out there have any info on the pitches here in paris? like if there is a draw for the pompihoodle or if its first co,e first serve,
zanzibar if your out there work with me froggy

le pire 07-21-06 11:16 PM

I did notre dame, but really cut my teeth on pompidou. The buskers there are stern but fair. They'll kick you off the pitch if you suck (as they did to me) but suggest other pitches where you can work to get better. They invited me to come back in a month to see if I was ready (I was not) and then told me to come back a month later.

Eventually, I made great hats at Pompidou and will aways be greatful to everyone that told me how much I sucked.


asher Tea 07-23-06 04:27 AM

it is a barren waste land
cheers, my friend for the response, ended up I didnt even do a show, the word was the cops are hassleing everyone, notrre dam is basically closed down and there was no one working the pompidou, because there was no crowds there, cutting my teeth is not a problem, but the fact no one was working there and most of the punters on th epompidou where bacpackers drinking warm beer and drunks, it wasnt very inviting.
Im worried that this seems to be following a trend of governments closing pitches down all over europe, munich, paris, barcelona, vienna. I visited the, all this year and was warned or prevented from performing at some of them, the only pitches that were really cracking were in london. .definetly a sad trend

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