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ingoff 06-25-06 11:06 AM

“WHAT does the director want me to do...?”
Individual Coaching for Directors through Internet

In order that your performance becomes event in theatre life of your company
and production process becomes light, creative and joyful for all participants,
we would like to help you in laying the foundation for your future performance:
to help in working out the structure of your work process
and in finding the bright expressive form of the performance.

Directing is both art and science.
Main difficulty directors are confronted in creative process with actors
is first of all incomprehension of director’s ideas by the actors,
and as a consequence the lack of mutual understanding and frustration
“what does the director want me to do...?”

Actors have right to figure on exact and clear instructions from director’s part, don’t they?

Just four - six weeks of rehearsals before you!
Are you ready to meet the actors?

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