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gav 09-14-13 05:31 AM

what's in a name
So after years performing under one stage name, I've decided to change my name and my show.
I chose a name I had never in 22 years of performing heard of any street performer using, and it suited the ideas and energy I wish to portray in the show.I thought I had done a thorough search to see if any other street performer was using the name and all looked good. Now I've just told a friend my new name and within minutes he sent back a link to a comedy juggler/magician that uses the same name.
I work mainly in Europe sometimes Canada, and this other guy seems to work mostly locally in one state of america..

What's your opinion if I go ahead and still use the name knowing someone has used it before me ? I've already prepared the whole show around the persona the name creates.
I don't want to say the name just yet, but I will say there have been at least one song and one movie bearing the name, so it's not like it's completely original.
Now you can probably guess what it is.

Peter 09-14-13 02:59 PM

Since he is local and you aren't I say use it! You may want to add a modifier like "whatever the bashful" or "Whatever the somewhat good."

Isabella 09-15-13 04:21 PM

Would it lend itself to something like the way Houdini named himself after Houdin?

I think if there's been a song and a movie, it's passed into pop culture and it's fair game.

My group is Aerial Angels. There are also Aerial Angels in Australia, and a gymnastics club called that in the USA - it's a pretty logical name. One group was named that in Canada, but we had already filed a trademark in Canada and asked them to stop.

So if the guy has filed a trademark on the name, he might be able to stop you using it - but filing trademark in the USA is a good deal more expensive and time-consuming than in Canada. We only bothered to file because we were going to be on Canadian TV and the producers asked us to. And it's unlikely to be enforceable in Europe.

gav 09-16-13 02:30 AM

I think I'm going to go ahead and use it. Had it not been for my friend, I probably never would have found out there is another performer called......
I doubt we will ever cross paths.
So, RIP Leopardman.
I already did my first show as JackFlash 2 days ago and it felt good !
Thanks for the opinions.

Scot Free 09-16-13 11:15 AM

Nice one Gav. If it feels right when you say it, go with it. I like it. From the looks of it you guys are in way different markets anyway. Does this mean you finally get to have a costume you can take off (hair) when you're not performing?

gav 09-21-13 01:01 PM

That's the idea Scot. So far it feels really good not to be the leopardman any more.
Now I just need to get some autumn shows in to film a promo vid so I can sell the crap out of this show next season and really get it working.
New beginnings are Fresh !

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