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jugglerjosh 01-19-13 08:07 PM

Dental Emergency
Dear Fans,

This is a real life problem.

I am writing to clarify.

My teeth started falling out after 9/11 here in NYC while street performing. I had been doing a torch act for about 20 years. No fire eating.

I increased working with raw fuel in my show to include a 4 torch routine, to keep warm during the winters and perform for tips from holiday crowds at the Chorus Tree in Market Square, South Street Seaport.

A "wave" started.

This means rows of teeth cracking along the jaw line, and some falling out. All from the loss one one cracked tooth.

Several of my teeth had been loose for years. Growing up in NYC housing, I was attacked a couple of times and those teeth are now gone.

More recently I was hit, by a martial artist instructor while in training, and a short time after, my loose tooth fell out while eating dinner with a friend. This, I believe, was an unintended result, meaning that the instructor was unaware that I was quite serious that my teeth were brittle. I no longer am in training with this sensei.

After running marathons I had a few extracted. A huge tooth fell out after the NYRR 60k and my running is far less with many cracked teeth so far this 2013.

So, it is a real health care problem. Street performers get no health care plan.

I will continue to work, in hopes for dentures. I cannot afford maxi-facial surgery, or dental implants.

Thanks for reading this.

Sincerely, Josh Weiner from NYC

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