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RINGON 03-10-10 02:14 PM

Henry's torch's
4 in silver in better then good condition. 25. ea. Located in Key West also a 25"schwinn uni with sem seat and Maxess, Holy roller tire. 75 obo. Send a pvt message E-mail and I'll send Pic's. Best. Don

jonjuggler 03-21-10 01:17 PM

Please send me pics of the unicycle

fireperformer911 03-21-10 02:27 PM

I will take the UNI on Friday. Tell me where to meet you in Key West. Thanks

fireperformer911 03-21-10 02:36 PM

I would like to look at torches as well

RINGON 03-29-10 01:55 PM

Shel, Pleasure to meet you and your friends. uni has a good home. Happy Healthy. Be well.

jeep caillouet 03-29-10 02:21 PM

chop cups
Shel,don't forget to bring me those chop cups. Thanks

fireperformer911 03-31-10 07:25 AM


Very nice to meet you and I really like Uni. Whip is cool as well.

Jeep PM me an address and I will mail out cups.

jeep caillouet 03-31-10 08:55 AM

Shel couldn't find where or how to pm you! anyway...
Jeep Caillouet
p.o. box 0521
Key West Fl. 33041
Thanks. See you soon.

fireperformer911 03-31-10 09:07 AM

Will mail out in next couple days

fireperformer911 04-05-10 12:55 PM

Don thanks for letting purchase juggling torches. Jeep cups are on the way.


jeep caillouet 04-05-10 03:00 PM

thanks Shel,:cool:

fireperformer911 04-13-10 08:33 AM

Jeep did you get the cups?

jeep caillouet 04-13-10 05:15 PM

Even though the P.o. is only 4 blocks from where I live ,I just haven't had time to stop there. I'll try to get there in the next day or so. I've been working close to 10 hours a DAY ON MY NEW ACT i TOLD YOU ABOUT . tHE CUPS WILL BE GREAT . BUT IT MAY TAKE A COUPLE OR 4 MONTHS TO WORK THEM IN. DAmn cap lock!!!! WHO KNOWS I MAY USE THEM IN A WEEK OR SO . THANKS ILL LET YOU KNOW.:laugh:

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